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Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre In Lanarkshire

Lanarkshire Travel Clinic proudly serves as your designated Yellow Fever Centre in Lanarkshire, authorised to administer the yellow fever vaccine by Public Health Scotland. Our expert team follows the latest guidelines to ensure your safety and protection against this viral disease while travelling.

Understanding Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever is a mosquito transmitted viral illness, that manifests in a spectrum of symptoms from mild to severe. Your risk depends on various factors including travel destination, transmission intensity, season, duration, activities, and immunisation status. Many countries require proof of vaccination through the International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP).

Safeguard yourself against Yellow Fever by choosing Lanarkshire Travel Clinic in Lanarkshire. As a dedicated Yellow Fever Centre, we prioritise your health, offering essential vaccines for those venturing into regions where the virus is prevalent, spanning sub-Saharan Africa, South America, Central America, and Trinidad in the Caribbean. Our services extend to those requiring proof of yellow fever vaccination for entry into specific countries.

For optimal vaccine effectiveness, plan ahead and receive your yellow fever vaccination at least 10 days before your scheduled travel. If you or your child recently had the MMR vaccine, we recommend waiting a minimum of 4 weeks before getting the yellow fever vaccine. In cases where a 4-week gap is not feasible, we administer the yellow fever vaccine, with consideration for an additional MMR dose at a later date. Individuals continuously at risk may also discuss the option of re-vaccination with the yellow fever vaccine on an individual basis.

Comprehensive Yellow Fever Services in Lanarkshire

We guide you through these crucial precautions, ensuring a safe and worry-free travel experience with Yellow Fever protection. Our services prioritise your health, offering a highly effective live yellow fever vaccine with certificates valid for a lifetime. Whether you’re traveling to areas with a risk of yellow fever transmission or countries with vaccination requirements, our prescribing pharmacists ensure a timely and convenient vaccination experience, at least 10 days before travel. Explore the Patient Information Leaflet for detailed insights and leave our clinic with a valid Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate.

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