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Tick-Borne Encephalitis Vaccination

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Tick-Borne Encephalitis Vaccine In Lanarkshire

Tick-borne Encephalitis (TBE) is a viral illness transmitted by infected ticks. It typically presents with flu-like symptoms such as fever, headache, nausea, muscle pain, and overall discomfort. TBE is frequently associated with Meningitis (inflammation of the lining around the brain), as the virus has the potential to affect both the brain and the meninges.

Travel Vaccination


Per Dose

Tick-Borne Encephalitis

2 doses


Vaccination can lower the risk of contracting Tick-borne Encephalitis. Travellers might receive a series of two vaccines spaced 2 weeks apart, with a recommended booster at 5 months for prolonged protection (totalling 3 doses). The TBE vaccines is recommended for all people living in TBE risk areas, those at occupational risk (farmers, forestry workers, soldiers) and laboratory workers who may be exposed to TBE.

Countries At Risk

Tick-borne Encephalitis is commonly detected in Central and Eastern Europe, including countries like Poland, Romania, Lithuania, certain regions of Scandinavia, and across Russia.

Travel Precautions

Preventative measures against insect bites should also be implemented, including wearing protective clothing and applying insect repellent. Since ticks are often found on overhanging branches of trees and bushes, walkers are advised to stay in the middle of trails to minimise contact with them. Additionally, it’s recommended to avoid consuming unpasteurised milk in high-risk areas.

Signs and Symptoms

The disease progresses in two stages: a mild flu-like illness then a potentially serious infection of the brain and spinal cord. Symptoms of Tick-borne Encephalitis typically manifest one to two weeks following a tick bite and may include fever, headache, and flu-like symptoms. Affected individuals may also experience nausea, muscle pain, fatigue, and overall discomfort. In severe cases, patients may progress to Encephalitis, potentially leading to paralysis and, in certain instances, fatalities.

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