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Polio Vaccination

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Polio Vaccine In Lanarkshire

Polio, also known as Poliomyelitis, is an acute viral infection that can be life-threatening. Highly contagious, it can result in permanent nerve damage, leading to paralysis of limbs and respiratory muscles. Despite significant progress in eradication efforts over the past century, Polio remains a threat in specific regions and poses a particular risk to children.

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Diptheria, Polio & Tetanus

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Polio has no cure; prevention is the only defence. In the UK, the Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Polio vaccine (Td/IPV) are included in the childhood immunisation schedule. Polio is extremly rare in the Uk with the last imported case recorded in 1993. Travellers heading to high-risk regions may receive a single injection as a precautionary measure where they have not had a vaccine in the last 10 years.

Countries At Risk

Polio is prevalent across Central Africa and specific regions of Asia (including Southeast, East, and Central areas). The three countries where Polio remains endemic are Nigeria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Travel Precautions

Inadequate sanitation significantly contributes to the spread of this highly contagious disease, primarily transmitted through contaminated food and water. When traveling, prioritise drinking bottled water or treated sources like filtration, tablets, or boiling. Refrain from using ice from unfamiliar water sources and avoid consuming uncooked food. Opt for peelable fruits and ensure that hot meals are freshly prepared and served steaming hot. Maintain good personal hygiene practices, including regular hand washing, using common sense to mitigate risks.

Signs and Symptoms

Polio is highly infectious, but symptoms do not typically appear for up to 3 weeks. Most people who are infected with polio do not show symptoms. Early symptoms include fever, headaches, vomiting, fatigue, chest pains, and stiffness in the neck. In rare cases (below 1% of people), the sufferer can be permanently paralysed, usually in the legs. Among these rare cases, 5-10% can be killed when their breathing muscles become immobilised.

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