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Cholera Vaccination

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Cholera Vaccine In Lanarkshire

Cholera is a serious bacterial infection that targets the small intestine, causing profuse watery diarrhoea and vomiting. These symptoms can lead to dehydration and imbalances in electrolytes, potentially posing fatal consequences. While 75% of people have minor symptoms and the infection is self limiting, over 50% of the most severely affected people die within a few hours. However, with with quick effective treatment, mortality is less than 1%.

Travel Vaccination


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Cholera can be prevented with vaccines, providing 85-90% effectiveness against the disease for up to two years. Those travelling to regions with high cholera risk may be prescribed an orally administered course of two tablets (Dukoral) effective against Vibrio Cholera. The vaccine is not indicated for most healthy travellers but is recommended for aid workers/people who may not have access to safe water and a medical centre and those with a medical history that puts them at increased risk of infection. (Health issues include immunosuppession, liver disease or malnutrition)

Countries At Risk

Cholera is prevalent in regions with inadequate sanitation and poor water and food safety, often exacerbated by natural disasters or conflict zones. Eating poorly cooked seafood or drinking untreated water increases the risk of infection. It is especially common in Central and South America, Africa, and certain parts of Asia (including Southeast, East, and Central regions). Each year, an estimated 3-5 million individuals worldwide are affected by cholera, leading to fatalities ranging from 100,000 to 130,000.

Travel Precautions

When traveling, only drink bottled water or treated sources like filtration, tablets, or boiling. Refrain from using ice from unfamiliar water sources and avoid raw food, opting for peelable fruits instead. Make sure that hot meals are freshly prepared and served steaming hot. Employ practical judgment regarding personal hygiene and handwashing practices.

Signs and Symptoms

Symptoms of Cholera typically manifest within 1-5 days after bacterial ingestion. Affected individuals may endure watery vomiting and painless, pale, cloudy diarrhoea, leading to significant fluid loss, dehydration, and a bluish-gray discolouration of the skin. Ultimately, cholera can lead to serious dehydration, salt imbalances and shock. Hence, prompt treatment with intravenous fluid replacement is vital.

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