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Japanese Encephalitis

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Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine In Lanarkshire

Japanese Encephalitis is a viral infection transmitted by mosquitoes, which can lead to brain inflammation, causing permanent brain damage or death. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), at least 50,000 individuals in Asia display visible symptoms of Japanese Encephalitis annually.

Travel Vaccination


Per Dose

Japanese Encephalitis

2 doses


The risk for many travellers to urban areas of Asia is low. Travellers planning outdoor activities in high-risk areas, particularly during the transmission season, may be advised to undergo a vaccination course consisting of two injections. The Japanese Encephalitis vaccine (IXIARO) entails two doses administered over 28 days.

Countries At Risk

Japanese Encephalitis is prevalent across various countries in Asia, including regions in Southeast, East, and Central Asia, as well as the Indian subcontinent and remote areas of northeast Australia.

Travel Precautions

The mosquitoes that transmit japanese encephalitits feed predominantly during the night and are prolific particularly in rural areas or rice cultivation and pig farming. While traveling, it’s essential to utilise mosquito nets and avoid insect bites, especially between dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active.

Signs and Symptoms

Most people do not show symptoms of infection with Japanese Encephalitis. Symptoms typically appear 5 to 15 days following a bite from an infected mosquito. Initially, individuals may experience flu-like symptoms, which can advance to brain swelling, leading to manifestations such as high fever, confusion, seizures, headache, neck stiffness, and paralysis. Japanese Encephalitis can have fatal outcomes or cause permanent brain damage and disability.

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